She Inspired Me!

28 11 2007



Last year I was taking a course on companies’ law, the lecturer gave out our seat numbers and we were asked never to switch places with anyone. Daleen ended up sitting beside me through the whole semester, we used to exchange hellos and how are yous and all that sort of greetings but we never really talked. Naturally I skipped a lot of lectures, and she would always volunteer and keep me updated with the latest assignments, tests and anything the lecturer says. Once, we greeted each other like we always do and then she reached inside her handbag, took out some papers and gave them to me, “ He asked us to bring a copy of those papers, so I brought one for you, I figured since you skipped the previous lecture that you did not know” (He refers to the lecturer), anyway, she handed me a copy, I thanked her and expressed my appreciation. The end.

This semester I’m taking a course with Daleen again, her seat number is next to mine. Last week she did it again! I had skipped a lecture where the professor gave us an assignment, she did my assignment for me and gave it to me the next lecture, it had my name and seat number on it! This girl is so sweet! She left me in a state of shock! I never knew people who are this nice even existed! We’re not friends and she doesn’t want anything from me, she’s simply nice! I thanked her, and I’m very nice and sweet to her, but I still feel that I owe her big time, and I have no clue how to repay her! She never skips a lecture, she’s never late to one, so I’m kind of stuck here, how do you repay an extremely nice person?

I decided to be nice to people I don’t know, she really inspired me! I mean I AM a nice person in general, I always offer my help to people I’m not friends with, especially when they do not ask for help, I DO help people out, but I decided I’d do more good deeds to people I don’t know, just a second ago I did a very nice thing that should save a girl I’m not friends with a lot of effort, thanks to Daleen! I just can’t get over how nice she is, she’s sooooooooo nice, soooooooooo nice, do you get how nice she is? Sooooo nice!



3 responses

30 11 2007

let’s make her skip some lectures so that you can prepare her assignment some day 😛

1 12 2007

Hehehe fikrak! 😀 You know someone who can take care of that? I don’t want her hurt, just a broken rib or two, something that’ll cause her to skip a couple of lectures 😛

28 02 2009
Michael Tim

I love your site!

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