150 Million JDs

21 11 2007

Was the total cost of the parliamentary elections’ campaigns.

 Major fights breaking out across the Kingdom and news of four people getting killed.

News of several campaigners being beaten up for tribal reasons.

Pictures taken by the Petra News Agency where some campaigners were caught buying votes.

 And last but not least, representatives of our people elected on Wehdati / Faisalawi basis. 

 Hail democracy!

فعلا كان عرس وطني, اكمن مرشح اندبك عليه و اكمن مواطن تنقط و ما ننسى العيارات النارية و الالعاب النارية اللي استعملها ذوي العريس …. و ذوي العروس

بقولوا البنت بتجيب و الولد بودي

بكرة بالجامعة العرس الصح




4 responses

21 11 2007
Qwaider قويدر

Can I also add my voice to your “lolololeeesh”?

21 11 2007

150 milion?
msh law a3tona 1 mnhom n3mal fehom shopping in paris a7san 😀

21 11 2007

Qwaider: Sure 🙂

Two: Mish haik il fikra, they can set their millions on fire for all I care, it’s their money after all, they choose how they’re going to spend it, but my point was that those people claim they’re running for the elections to help this country, to benefit the people, so if that is what they want to do I believe those millions could have been put to better use, in ways that would benefit the country and the people, ya3ni even if they became deputies they can’t benefit the country more than the 150 million JDs if put in the hands of experts, 150 million JDs can make a huge difference in our economy!!

28 02 2009
Michael Tim

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