10 11 2007

Listen Here .

 For all of you who do not know what Nakshet Mokh is, it is a show that is aired twice a week on MazajFM, Nadeem Sarraj AKA Raji Duwwara does all the prank calls, the previous is a song he sang in one of the episodes, it’s hilarious.



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10 11 2007

HAHAHHAHAHA 😀 RAHEEEEEBEH!!! i was crying min ad ma d7iket!

10 11 2007

Hehe, glad you liked it Tala, if you’d like to hear more, Raji has another song that goes like : Bindawwer 3al 7akeeka w ma binlakeeha, you can also listen to the full episode as well as other hilarious episodes on http://www.mazajfm.com/forum . 😉

10 11 2007

weshe esolafeh ya brother 7as 7aly b3rf these story but i cant understand how to comment 2ndary bye

10 11 2007

looool fe3lan eno ma nemte ya benet 😀

7aGera 7aGera 😛

10 11 2007

Shakira Shakira!!

10 11 2007

Hilarious!!!! LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLL oh my god it’ sso funny

However I’m never goingto enjoy that song the same way again and I really liked that song 😦 (he’s using the ‘might just let it go’ by jack johnson)

11 11 2007

I heard this song when the prank was aired on mazaj fm it was extremely hilarious… this guy is really creative, thanks for sharing.

11 11 2007

Glad you all liked it =)

28 02 2009
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