“The” New Year Resolution

6 11 2007

I once read somewhere that the new year resolutions we make are made to be broken, not kept. I believe that is very true.

A couple of years ago in November I made a list, my new year resolutions list of things I hoped to achieve, up until this year my list has been the same, nothing was added, edited or omitted simply because nothing was achieved, nothing included in the list that is.

This year I decided to throw out the previously mentioned list and make a new one, since I have a lot of free time on my hands right now with my mid-terms and all, I focused for around an hour, my mind shifting from one thought to another, one person to another, thought it through and ended up with a blank piece of paper, I wondered why, and then it hit me, I had no pen. No seriously, I realized that things I usually write down in my lists are things I thought I should achieve, not things I very much wanted to achieve. Almost everything I want is within my reach and I was too busy to notice that because, by nature, we stress too much on digging up things that are missing which causes us to miss out on the joy the things we already have can bring us.

There are a lot of things I want to achieve in my life, a lot of things I’m working hard for, those are things I want with all my heart, not because I believe that after I achieve them life would be so much happier and easier but because the mere proccess of working to achieve them is capable of making me happy.

The biggest mistake people can ever do is to base everything in their lives on something that is non-existent, telling yourself that once you get that certain thing/ do that certain thing/ achieve that certain thing, everything will be okay, you’ll be happy and you can press play and carry on with life. Examples of the latter case are countless, those who burry themselves in work and put their lives on hold to make a lot of money so that they can spend it ten years later and become happy, guess what, you won’t be happy ten years later because by then you’d have forgotten what happiness is like.

A lot of people are somewhat satisfied, very few are truly happy, when you ask a person what would make him happy the answer will definitely start with “HAVING”, try it if you don’t believe it, whether it was having more money, having a job, a wife, children, some peace of mind, muscles, a car, a true friend, an undo button, a beloved one back or a chocolate bar. We make believe that after having whatever it is we want we’d be happy. True, crime rates are the highest among the underprivileged and poor, but studies show that suicide rates are highest among the privileged and successful, bottom line is, we waste our lives trying to have something we’re going to end up not wanting, if you think you need to achieve or have something then enjoy the process of getting it and in the meanwhile appreciating what you already have wouldn’t hurt, it is nice to look ahead and be ambitious, but don’t let thoughts of what you can or might have in the future ruin your present, life is not measured by the years you lived, it is measured by what you do in the time you’re living right now, you might have the most perfect plan that is a definite success on how to raise a million, and you could die before getting close to your goal, you’ll die a happy person if every step you took to your goal made you happy, if you enjoyed every bit and made the most out of it, if you REALLY LIVED every day instead of wasting it on hoping for things you’ll probably never have.

This is my 2008 resolution: Never make new year resolutions, ever again. Life is too short to waste it on making lists. My goals cannot be summed up in a sentence or two, every single second I spend figuring out what I want, every single second I spend getting what I want and every single second I spend after I get what I want are seconds lost from my life, seconds I’ll never have back, and I plan to enjoy each and every one of MY seconds to the fullest.

 Save, print out, hang on the wall.



3 responses

7 11 2007

Wisdom 🙂
Al qana3a kanzon la yafna..

7 11 2007

Keeef ballah!! Hehehe

Wanash-had 😀

9 11 2007

ana mashyeh 3al barkeh wala marah 3melt list 😀

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