The Jordanian TV

15 09 2007

I love it! Seriously, I have no clue why people keep complaining and whining about it. I love how simple and Jordanian it is. I love the reporters, the presenters, anchormen, I even love the weathermen who work in it!

In case you didn’t know : It is not “cool” to watch the Jordanian TV unless you live abroad, because that is supposed to show how much you’re homesick and hence get you a lot of sympathy, how retarded!

Let’s assume they changed the crew of the Jordanian TV and replaced them with a bit more “hip” and “cool” staff, half naked presenters (men and women) who use any accent except for the Jordanian accent, faffy mammy kids who think that Al Kerak is a Jameed factory and that Abdoun is the capital of Jordan, and R rated Jordanian soap opera’s where the stars eat Mansaf with spoons! Would you then stop calling the Jordanian TV motakhallef, fashel, fdee7a? (Adjectives often used by this generation to describe the JTV). Would it then become hip and cool? It is called The Jordanian TV for a reason, and that would be the fact that it is Jordanian, it represents Jordanians, their concerns, their pride; their history and traditions, and their hopes for the future.

A hundred years ago your grandmother didn’t go to gyms, so if you think that the Jordanian historical series with all the tents, the Jordanian accent and Jordanian clothing is uncool and retarded then blame your forefathers for not being cool.
If you think it is not cool because the concepts of the shows are “simple” and the directing/presenting/acting/whatevering sucks then you should know that they welcome any suggestions and any ambitious people who think they can do a better job, just call the TV, ask to speak to someone in charge and tell them that you have an idea on how you can improve the things that suck and i can guarantee you that they’ll be more than happy to listen or even hire you if you can do a better job.

We are a conservative society, and so our media should be. The Jordanian TV isn’t among the popular Arabic TV stations but at least it gives the viewer a good idea on what life is like in Jordan unlike other Arabic TV stations that air dance competitions at a time when their people are being bombed and killed to make money. The crew of the Jordanian TV proved to the world that they are proffessionals with the way they dealt with Amman bombings. Sure, the station could use some improving, everything could, but with the potentials they have they’ve been doing a great job for the past year since Mr. Faisal Al Shboul was appointed as head of the institution. The quality of the shows are better especially this Ramadan and so are the prizes they give away in game shows such as Ramadan Ma’ana A7la and Il Forsa (Presented by the Lebanese Toni Khalifeh and the Jordanian Aseel Al Khraishah, aired everyday at 9:35 PM), plus, a lot of Jordanian series that are aired on the JTV are being aired in Ramadan on various popular Arabic TV stations, they’re all worth watching! The Jordanian TV has gone a long way the past couple of years, give it a chance!



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15 09 2007
15 09 2007

Fe3lan ishi bisaffen! Ma3ak/i 7a2 bil hmmmm!! Because ironically I was watching the show when Haifa Wahbi was the guest and she didn’t mark two envelopes with her lipstick, she marked one, and Toni said that in public, she did that behind the stage before coming to the show and they told the audience what she did and Toni hid the mark! The show was great! It was a great success and the Jordanian TV crew have all been working on it for so very long, so the whole “it wasn’t prepared well” thing is utter crap, I know how hard people have been working so that this show would be a success and it is a huge success! Anyway, Elaph dude?! Elaph?!! Eh, everything gets criticized by someone at a certain point but this reporters criticism is so unproffessional and more like rade7, it’s obvious from the comments that cheered for the writer, for instance a comment posted by someone called “Shamtan”, lol!

16 09 2007

Ok well in defense of a nonfan of JT (as I am) I don’t dislike it for the reasons you stated, it’s not about hip and cool. I don’t understand why Eid and Ramadan, and rather every religiously significant or culturally significant event turns into praise the king day with hours and hours of really amateur music videos of pretty much the same scenes. I don’t understand all those clips of different sites in jordan or aerial views of different cities that they play between shows, I know what jordan looks like!

Now about the shows, it’s not that I feel they’re not cool it’s just that I can’t relate to them, they’re a half-assed cheesy presentation of reality (even our grandparents reality), and I don’t find it entertaining. I do have ‘guilty pleasures’ on more ‘hip’ networks that I’ve followed like the perfect bride on LBC, but at least they were entertaining. Generally know I’m not big on any of the arabic networks, I really like the english Aljazeera because they play some really awesome documentaries and they tackle all kinds of issues that aren’t commonly addressed in other media. So that’s my 2 cents!

16 09 2007

“…..and rather every religiously significant or culturally significant event turns into praise the king day with hours and hours of really amateur music videos of pretty much the same scenes….”

When was the last time you watched the JTV? Not in the last three years obviously. First off, it was never like that, never was there a show about the king or a show that revolves around praising HM, even though I wouldn’t mind one, callers aka the people used to praise the king on every occassion, which I don’t consider to be annoying, not the least bit! When the topic of the show is about the marathon HM held on the Jordanian TV to collect money for the Palestinian people then why shouldn’t the callers express their feelings towards their king?! Is it only okey to call a show and praise a singer or a belly dancer? If the viewers want to praise the king then let them praise the king all they want!

I know what Jordan looks like, maybe more than you do because I have lived in this country my whole life, yet I still find the clips of scenes in Jordan and the watani songs very interesting and beautiful, anyway, they RARELY show similar clips now, sadly. Those clips were shot by Jordanian talents, they’re clips of Jordan, if our local TV station doesn’t encourage this sort of clips and talents then they might as well get Omar Il Sharif or any other non-Jordanian person and appoint him as head of the institution, perhaps then they’d fill the void between shows with a speech for Fifi Abdo.

They’re not a half-assed cheesy presentation of reality, you couldn’t tell what reality was like at least since you weren’t born yet like 70 years ago, but you’d be surprised at the reactions those historical series get from the older generation, our parents, grandparents…etc, and even from the younger generations, I’m really enjoying a Jordanian historical series called Nimer Bin Il Odwan that is aired daily on the JTV now in Ramadan, and so are a lot of people, Jordanians and others, many other TV stations like MBC broadcast the series too. If you did watch the recent shows the JTV has been producing and didn’t like them, for instance il forsa and nimer bin odwan then fine, il nas azwa2, and i don’t expect everyone to agree with me, bas if you haven’t watched it for a long time because of an image of the JTV you’ve had since you were a child when they used to play ya ayyoha il maleko il ajallo makanatan and Aroub Soboh was a presenter then I believe you should give it a chance before calling the work of thousands cheesy, thousands who work really hard every single day to ensure the quality of the shows keep improving. =)

17 09 2007

I didn’t claim their were shows whose purpose it is to praise the king, I was talking about those ‘music videos’ that they do which I saw just as recently as 3 days ago that they play like back to back I guess as some kind of filler programming, I’m not talking about the charity marathons. I don’t know about the specific shows you’re talking about so I can’t comment on them, I mean they might be good but I’d be hesitant to give them a chance when there’s a few other shows/programs that I’m a fan of and watch regularly and I feel like I waste too much time on TV anyway to watch new shows especially on a network that I’ve never been a regular watcher of.

My parents and my grandparents like alot of things that I don’t like, we’re very different we’ve had different lives and grew up differently and relate to different things. I’m a fan of good documentaries my parents HATE watching documentaries with me, so just because their fans of a show it doesn’t give it credibility in my eyes, in fact I know their taste and it means I probably won’t like it.

“never was there a show about the king or a show that revolves around praising HM, even though I wouldn’t mind one”
“yet I still find the clips of scenes in Jordan and the watani songs very interesting and beautiful”

Well that’s the clear difference between my TV taste and your TV taste, you like those things and you like JTV, but I don’t and I’m not a fan of JTV but it’s not for the reasons that you stated in your original post about the “hip” and “cool” stuff or lack of scantily clad women and belly dancers, so that’s why I had to respond and correct you about that.

20 09 2007

actually I don’t watch TV in general, I might watch a documentary, what ever its topic is, and when I watch JTV it is not to show how homesick I am and to seek sympathy mind you but I do it just to stay connected, somehow, to my country and my family there.

Now regarding the JTV itself, I might think of two things that are not doing our JTV good, first of all is the small budget it runs on and this is because it is a governmental institution, I think in Jordan we have a lot of talented people that if they got the chance would do a lot of great shows to the JTV, but unfortunately, once a presenter shines up, a more “hip and cool” network takes him, like for instance Aroub Soboh which presented one of the most successful kids’ shows ever in my opinion, so JTV is competing with other networks in the region and it is getting harder to keep the talented staff in the house.

the other thing that in my opinion is not doing JTV good as well it is not doing all of Jordan good is “wasta”, in the sense that it is not only how good at work and talented you are but also how heavy is your wasta that makes one promote and go higher in the hierarchy of JTV that we ended up with some presenters that lack the presence or the charisma to stand in front of the camera.

one thing I admit to like about JTV is that it is still a conservative network that respects our values and traditions.

now regarding the national songs or songs praising the monarch I do not see any thing against it, after all it is the national TV of Jordan and it has the responsibility of showing our country, how beautiful it is and how much we love it and patriotic we are about it and about it is monarchy, but I noticed that singing for Jordan or the king became a short cut for untalented singers to have their clips shown on the TV that we ended up with quite a bunch of them that are not of good quality.

and to be honest with you I wouldn’t like it if the JTV changed into a more hip and cool network like other networks.

6 11 2007

Asoom: Okka, fair enough, we have different tastes, just because I like something that doesn’t mean everybody should like it, and just because you do not like a certain thing that doesn’t mean it is crappy, we agree on that. This whole post was about how much I like the Jordanian TV and how much I hate those who don’t like it BECAUSE they think it is not cool, no where did I say that people should like it, I just stated some facts about how the JTV has been changing rapidly through the past couple of years, and I believe people should give it a chance, you see, fact and belief, as simple as that 🙂

Sel3: Hmm, let me rephrase, I’m critisizing an attitude towards the JTV a lot of people have, which is as follows : The Jordanian TV is fashel, 7afartali, ok flan be7daro because he’s homesick, he’s excused. I wasn’t stating my own opinion =) As for the small budget you mentioned, well, that budget grew throughout the past three years, very noticebly. A raise has been given to every person who works in the JTV, everybody’s is being paid more, more money is put into shows and whatever the JTV produces and finally, they’re coperating with those networks you mentioned, an example of that cooperation is the show Al Forsa, a Jordanian – Lebanese production.
Please give me the names of those presenters who are not doing a good job, the presenters who’s wastas are very heavy…

“I noticed that singing for Jordan or the king became a short cut for untalented singers to have their clips shown on the TV that we ended up with quite a bunch of them that are not of good quality.”

We agree there.

Sorry for the late reply guys 😉

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