Random thoughts on Ramadan

12 09 2007


Brought to you by Three,

Ramadan is just around the corner, finally! It feels weird typing this though, the past year has flown by so quickly and with this specific Ramadan I’m having flashbacks of the past year, the year 2006.

Yes it’s going to be tiring to go twelve hours without drinking water in this hot weather, but I just can’t wait. For some reason, unlike any other religious occasion Ramadan is something I look forward to, with all the coziness, warmth, the family gatherings and the feeling of satisfaction I get every single day as the sun sets declaring the end of a day’s fasting.

Too many memories related to Ramadan, sweet, weird and funny ones.

I remember the detecting methods for fasting we used when we were kids, pinching the skin on one of our fingers was one of them, the rest are plain embarrassing. 😛 I also remember how we would go around annoying other kids at school in an attempt to drive them to shout at us or be mean to us so that we could tell them : Allahumma inni sa2em! And then they’d go around feeling guilty about being mean to us because we are taught that Ramadan – Just like any other month –  is all about forgiveness, love and tolerance, so the whole point of fasting is to be able to clear your mind, feel with the less fortunate, count your blessings and be thankful for all you’ve got and haven’t got, and hence feeling peace and serenity inside and expressing it.

 I remember a song kids used to sing ( Which by the way is not related to fundamentalism or terrorism in any way, it is just a song kids made up 🙂 ) that goes like:

Ya mefter Ramadan, ya khayen deenak, missitna il samra tfattes masareenak. Hehehe 🙂

I also love how people in Jordan remember grocery shopping a few minutes before Iftar, they all rush to buy whatever they need at the last minute and so get stuck in traffic, and then all the swearing starts;

Meen il 7mar illi a3tak il rokhsa?

Mabrouk il share3!

Aftar 3alaik?!

I’m not being sarcastic by the way, it is really funny in a weird sort of way. I also love how empty the streets in Amman are right after Iftar, all the stores are closed, people are at their homes probably eating Atayef,the weather dark and chilly outside, just priceless!

Ramadan Mubarak all, hope this Ramadan brings with it warmth, happiness, forgiveness and peace of mind, make the most out of it. 😉



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12 09 2007

LOOOOOOOL, I remember the first time I had ramadan in jordan and when I when it was my time of the month I’d totally forget I was in a Muslim society and I was always chewing gum and people on the street would look twice at me to make sure I really was chewing gum and I kept thinking they either recognized me from somwhere or there was something on my face before I finally got it!

Anyway, my name is asma and I’m a new blogger, check out my blog and can you add it to your blog roll!

12 09 2007

I’m excited about Ramadan too 🙂 it’s gonna be harder this year with the heat and long fasting hours bas Allah be3en. Inshallah Allah yitqabbal minna. Ramadan Kareem 🙂

12 09 2007

Asma: Hey, I just checked your blog, really interesting, added to blogroll, I’ll be reading 😉

Deemco: Ameen 🙂

12 09 2007
angel 2 nasyeh alpass :shy:

yn3ad 3leke koukiiiiiiiiii w 3ala aljame3 blse7a w alslameh ya rab :hug:

12 09 2007

Angel Two nasyeh il password! Hahahahahahahaha walek 🙂

W 3alaiki and your whole family Mayyoushon :Fa3sa:

16 09 2007


I loved this post, but I’m glad I didn’t read earlier, cause I might have changed my mind on writing my own…. Particularly loved the part on “all the stores are closed, people are at their homes probably eating Atayef,the weather dark and chilly outside”…

I know exactly what you mean…

16 09 2007

Hey MKilany, glad you did =)

9 10 2007

a reflective post. i can relate well.

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