Goodbye Baby Cots, Hello Trash Cans

7 09 2007

 Brought to you by Three,

Las Vegas; Mirage Hotel : Dead baby found in one of the hotel’s trash cans.

Japan: New born baby girl found in a bag at Tokyo garbage disposal site.

Amman – Jordan: New born baby girl found in a garbage. Link

Bottom Line : Killing an innocent infant is way more convenient than using protection. How sick!



3 responses

7 09 2007

No, people are more stupid than they appear! They kill babies instead of something less harmful like, maybe putting them up for adoption!
Many people would pay a lot of money for a chance to parent a child!

7 09 2007

Do you think that such ppl think about the consequences aslan!! they are sick cowards who are afraid to take responsibilty of their mistakes! who can throw away such an adorable baby away! in what heart could they do it!!!! it’s so sad to know that some people are anything but humans, couldn’t they atleast took her to an orphans’ house, put her in a mosque, ya 3ammi Balash put her beside the garabage! la 7awla wala qowwata ella bellah

8 09 2007

Qwaider and One: Exactly! They could put them up for adoption, or at least leave them BESIDE a trash can!

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