Why Men Are Superior

5 09 2007

Brought to you by Three,

I have always liked oriental dancing (Belly Dancing). Aside from the fact that it is strictly oriental, I always considered it to be a very interesting thing to watch and learn, that was of course until I heard about male belly dancers, my first thought was : Eww, how gay! I mean the thought of a MAN shaking and dancing was so yucky, I always thought that oriental dancing was monopolized by females, that it wouldn’t suit a man, turns out I couldn’t be more wrong.

A while back, in Egypt, I attended a belly dancing show in which Tito – the infamous belly dancer – was supposed to dance, Tito couldn’t make it because he was somewhere in the States and Miro -Another Belly dancer- was the substitute dancer for that night. He got on stage and started dancing, his performance caused my jaw to drop and stay still, amazing doesn’t even come close to what I saw that night! The man really knows how to dance! He managed to show us all a work of art. After he was done a couple of female belly dancers got on stage and started dancing, in the past I would’ve been amazed by their dancing, but after I watched Miro dance they all looked vulgar, tasteless and desperate to show off whatever of their bodies they’re capable of showing to turn people’s attention from their dancing to their bodies.

The best chefs in the world are men, best athletes are men, richest business people; men, and the best dancers are even men. I’m sure a woman somewhere has invented something, but the most famous inventors whose inventions we all use on a daily basis were men, the same applies to scientists. Which got me thinking, what is it that women do better than men? And then Oprah and Meryl Streep came to mind. The two things women can do better than men are talking and in some cases, acting.

I am in no way implying that men are superior to me, I’m simply stating that they’re superior to females OTHER than myself.

The following is a video of Tito’s dancing, which by the way is crappy compared to the real thing, but it should give you an idea of how good the guy is.



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5 09 2007

1- women dance better than men.
2- women love better than men .
hahahaaa. men dancing like women thats so …………………………………..

5 09 2007

1- That is what you would think, men are better dancers, that is why most dance instructors are men. Female dancers are more popular because a man would feel, well awkward, watching another man dance and admitting that it is amazing because it’s usually their testosterone watching, so they’re not into the actual art of dancing, they’re into the half naked bodies that are doing the dancing. Women watch female dancers because females consider all of the other females that walk the face of earth to be a threat to them, and the rest watch them because they do not want their husbands to watch it alone.

2- False. They express their love differently, some men express it better that is why the best romantic poems were written by men.

Gay? Anyway, this isn’t about men who dance like women, this is about who does it better, you see, if dancing was strictly for women then that must mean that men have beaten women at their own game, dancing 🙂

5 09 2007


That was too long!

5 09 2007

Women can nag and complain way better than men. There isn’t a single man in the world that can out-nag a woman
Same goes for bitching, which explains Operah’s success.

But quite frankly, I still don’t see how men can be superior to women. Men probably try their very best just to impress women. While women don’t feel the need to do so, they impress all men while doing absolutely nothing!

I say, lucky women 😀

5 09 2007

-Women have better language and communication skills.
-Women have better senses (smell, touch, taste, and sight).
-Women tolerate pain more.
-Women, as a rule, eat healthier.
-Women have more power over the opposite sex.
-Women tend to have more success in small businesses.
-Women tend to have greater flexibility and endurance.
-Studies show women do better in memory tests
-Women are making better managers, directors and CEO’s.
-Women use more areas of their brain.
-Women have better intuition.
-Women are Less susceptible to certain diseases and they live longer.
-Women have taken over higher education too. Many more women are graduating and getting degrees than men.
-Women can juggle more tasks at once than men.

I say Women are superior 😉

5 09 2007
miss sea lover

actually i don’t like to go through the endless descion that who is better, women or men? it differs from someone to another, it depends on the human ben not his/her gender…for the men dancing…yaaaaak i hate it…ino they should stick to dabekeh…which reserves thier manhood…

5 09 2007

so it was supposed to be a post about belly dancing, yet you managed to divert it into the question of who is superior to the other, now that’s something women are superior at, diverting any topic to whatever they want.

now back to belly dancing, for a he why on earth would he want to watch a man dancing, that just feels like…………………!!!

7 09 2007

Qwaider: Girls do not try hard to impress guys?! Of course they don’t, all the dieting, the anorexia, plastic surgeries, botox and layers of make up are confidence boosters, we do it for us! LOL 😛

Bakkouz: OK, this is how you sound:
-Men can eat Falafel faster than women
-Men do not have monthly periods
-Men do not get pregnant

Men are superior!

LOL, that is of course aside from the fact that most of the things you mentioned are incorrect, for instance, obese and overweight women outnumber obese and overweight men, so that must be an indication of who eats healthier. Ya3ni you’re listing features, men and women are different, this isn’t the issue here.

Miss sea lover: Inno yes it somehow doesn’t suit him, bas awwal 3an akher i’m not going to marry the guy, he’s a good dancer, and i like to watch good dancing 🙂

Sel3: Tsk tsk tsk, you cannot know if i diverted the topic since you do not know where it was meant to be heading 😉
Like a threat to his manhood because the guy who’s doing the dancing looks gay?! Ya3ni if a guy is so insecure about it then yes I agree, he should stick to Baywatch and wrestling matches 🙂

7 09 2007

Neither gender is superior to the other. We simply can’t exist without each other.

Women (even that woman the looks like a goat, and does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to enhance her looks) will have some men after her. Just for the simple fact that she’s female!

Women do have the period, which have been proven scientifically to have a lot of positive health side effects

Women have also been found to naturally have greater tolerance to high “G” during violent airplane maneuvers.

The ability to produce life is a miracle of female bodies. It’s something amazing and I have no clue how you managed to see that as a negative!

Women do have smaller bodies and therefore reduced physical abilities, but that doesn’t mean that it is a mental challenge to them.

The list that Bakkouz shared is mostly BS, like intuition. The counter argument to that is; more women rely on intuition than men therefore the chance of the intuition being correct is higher.

You puzzle me, you want to convince us that we’re superior? Are you really a chick? 😀 That’s usually what guys like to think.

8 09 2007

Hmm, the same applies to men, they get attention regardless of their looks, but the stress on females looking Pam Anderson-good is much more.

The ability to produce life isn’t a miracle of the female body, it is a miracle of God that can’t be possible without both a female and male, but men do not have to carry babies for nine months and put up with all the crap and pains that come along with carrying a baby and giving birth, a woman does, a man does whatever it is that he does, waits for nine months and viola! He’s a father. Why don’t men carry babies? Is it because they have better things to do than carry a baby? Is it because their time is much more valueble than a woman’s? Let’s not get into that. 👿

And four guys are telling me that I’m wrong and that women are in fact superior, if this post was about women being superior all of you guys would be telling me that I’m wrong and that men are superior to women, well I know one thing for a fact, women can MAKE men say whatever they want, so we might be superior after all, I know I am, I’m superior to all of you here, why? Because I’m a she and you all just explained how being a she means being superior! 🙂

11 09 2007
Qwaider قويدر

No no
we just thought you’re a delusional She at a weak spot in her life and in need of some male-hormone-flattery-encouragement to make you feel good

Either way, it worked 🙂

As for why do women have babies and not men! I still say, lucky you!

10 06 2008

a woman is like a gift from god himself (Angels)

15 02 2009

two things :
2) Feminism
Both SUCKS!!!

16 09 2009
Serephus Sphar

Males are simply, generally, superior to Females. Mostly, it is because of one thing: the hormone Testosterone. It increases strength, coordination, and brain power. The advantages that females have over men are: they can see more hues of colors, and they are better at organizing rallies and get-togethers and such. There are probably a few more which I am missing. Advantages of Males are: increased muscle growth, broad shoulders, larger height, increased brain power, more red blood cells, increased cooridination, strategic incline, and many more. Males die about 5 years before Females because throughout Mens’ lifetimes they perform much more strenuous activities; athletics, military service, etc. Men are the main political leaders (The United States has never had a Female in office as president), they have made the most technological and otherwise significant advancements and inventions (Thomas Edison, Benjamin Franklin) and in most sports, especially the most popular ones such as Baseball, Football, and Soccer, there have never been any professional female baseball/football players, only softball players. I’m not sure about soccer. One theory for the reason females can detect more color hues is that because in Ancient-mesolithic times, they gathered berries from leaves for food, and sometimes a poisonous berry, or the leaf it grew on, was a similar shade to a non-poisonous one. A theory to why females are better at group organization, if they are, is because they supposedly traveled in groups more often than men. I don’t know about that nor the reason for females being able to see more color hues because that was said by my female history teacher who is obviously sexist towards men. Anyway, there is no point arguing it, its a fact that men are generally superior.

5 09 2011

@Serephus Sphar
Men are not “generally superior.” You forgot that the hormone testosterone also can make men act irrational, which is the reason for the increased rates of suicide in men as well as increased car accidents, as opposed to women. Anyway the point is, it is not about whether or not we can do the things better, it’s about the fact that we can do most things just as well as any man.
@Serephus Sphar
Obviously there are social reasons as to why women have never been president (oppression, etc.), our right to vote came not even 100 years ago, ad we’re just now reaching that postion of power. Just because women don’t often pursue politics doesn’t mean we wouldn’t be good enough for it. Not a lot of black people pursue golf.. yet the greatest golf player in history is black!
Anyway, there are ways we are superior. Women, contrary to popular belief, handle stress easier than men, because of a chemical release in our bodies (notice are suicide rates, automible accidents, etc. are lower). Not to mention women are possibly emotionally stronger…I mean, we don’t have to sleep with a bunch of people to boost our fragile little egos do we? No. We’re not too afraid to express our emotion at the risk of being called a ‘fag’ are we? No.
But seriously, neither is superior. I mean, would you say that whites are superior to blacks? That Asians are superior to other ethnicities? No. So why say it about men and women? Seriously, it’s a bit immature. Both genders have are strengths and weaknesses, let’s just exist peacefully. Fair enough?

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