You know Something is Terribly Wrong With You

10 08 2007



1-      You sleep over 14 hours/day.

2-      You get angry and lash out on a perfectly good bar of hershey’s reeses cups ( your favorite chocolate) and decide to throw it in the bin.

3-      You’re too lazy to get up and pour yourself a glass of water and so decide to finish up the warm bottle of soda that has been lying around the living room since lunch until someone passes by and you can bribe them to get you a glass of water.

4-      You’re too lazy to look for your slippers and so decide to hang on to your brother’s smelly large slippers until yours miraculously appear.

5-      You listen to the same song over and over again for hours because you do not want to go through the agony of having to choose another one.

6-      You spend the night prior to your final counting pages that are included in the test and day dreaming about getting a B, because your GPA is dropping by the day and you don’t want to risk getting suspended.

7-      You sing yourself to sleep then get pissed off because, even though you’re singing slow songs, you’re not falling asleep, you’re just singing along with, well, yourself.

8-      You read something you just typed up a second ago and wonder what it means.

9-      You realize that something is terribly wrong with you and instead of fixing it you decide to blog about it.


Three. As if it is not obvious.



8 responses

10 08 2007

Is it signs of love?
Bas 14 hours of sleep? Ya3ni come on, kan sa7abteeha la thani yom..
Bas el Reese’s mesh ma3gool sa7?

10 08 2007

More like signs of fatal laziness 😐

11 08 2007

14 hours a day? bas?
I have a record of,, well, i stopped counting zaman, bas its over 20+!

11 08 2007

LOL, over 20!! How can you sleep over 20 hours a day?! Shu hybernating?! 😛

That might happen once in a lifetime, bas sleeping for around 14 hours a day 7 days in a row is upsetting, you miss out on everything 😐

12 08 2007

LOL @ u.
As long as my hamster is sleeping, I’m sleeping! 😛
and that thing sleeps a lot!!
actually, he wakes up, eats, sleeps again.. the lazy bastard!

19 08 2007

most of the time I sleep 5 hours, but I don’t say that i feel good about that, something is terribly wrong!

7 09 2007

Uh Oh……to a degree I currently possess every one of those qualities except for number 1 I actually have a hard time falling asleep and wake up early! I guess I’m turning crazy, my parents are crazy so now I’m becoming like them!

8 09 2007

Roger: LOOOL 🙂

Sel3: Depends, if an alarm wakes you up then something’s wrong with the time you go to bed, but if you wake up after 5 hours of sleep without any outside help then you’re getting old 😛 You know, the older you grow the less sleep your body needs 👿

Asma: If you do not lash out on a bar of Hershey’s cups then you’re ok, don’t worry 🙂

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