Lets Talk Music (1)

8 08 2007


Brought to you by Three.

The following has been my favorite song for the past two years or so, the artist is the Lebanese Hiba Mounzer, not very known, but very gifted I can assure you. I was really surprised at the reactions this song got when it first came out, up until this day not a lot of people know of this song or like it, have they all gone deaf?



More people are becoming familiar with the Jordanian uprising star Aziz Maraka and his band; Razz. Some Jordanian radio stations including MazajFm often play Aziz’s most popular songs like Bent El Nas, Lahali, El 3atwa and Amman (The Story) which are also among my favorite songs, but not a lot of people heard his song Laish Habeebi, which I personally consider his best.

Aziz Maraka – Laish Habeebi


2ad El Kawn, again, one of the greatest new Arabic songs , composed and performed by our own uprising Jordanian star; Fadi Haddad. This one you can hear a lot on MazajFm.

Fadi Haddad – 2ad El Kawn


Shifting to Africa, Algeria to be specific, and Souad Massi.  I listened to a lot of her songs, couldn’t relate to some of them since they’re neither Arabic nor English, but the Arabic ones made it to my favorites list. The music is outstanding, the lyrics are very sweet, her voice and performance are beyond amazing.

Souad Massi- Ghair Enta


Going back in time, here is the song that fits my mood right now, Eshta2t Li 3azabek for the Lebanese Ghaleb Antar, an amazing not-so-popular song.


Ghaleb Antar – Ishta2t Li 3azabek

عزاب العالم كله, كله, أهون من غيابك  😦


To be continued.



5 responses

9 08 2007

hmm emta part II tyeb :ch:
kolhom 7elwen w b7bhom ela heba monzer mshan allah sya7 :sc:

9 08 2007
Moh'd Yousef

nice collection. Aziz maraka is talented although he is over rated these days. Ghaleb Qintar is very talented. Try to check Ziad Sahhab, Oumeima el Khalil and Lena Chamamian if you did not already. Abeer Ne’meh is an amazing singer too.

Nice post, enjoyed it

10 08 2007

Tow: You’re supposed to be the lazy Two right? Sign in with your nickname ya binet, it doesn’t take a lot of effort 🙂

I like screamers 😳

Moh’d: Thanks, glad you did.

Out of all the names you’ve mentioned I’m only familiar with Omeima Khaleel, very talented, I was going to include one of her songs in part two, the suspense is gone now, thanks to you Hehe 😛

I’ll make sure to check the rest of the names you mentioned, I’m sure they’ll be good, thanks 🙂

11 05 2008
Lets Talk Music (2) « тнє вяαιn ѕρα

[…] Lets Talk Music (1) […]

5 08 2008

salem 3la falastine elhabiba

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