To diet or not to diet

26 07 2007


Is the ultimate question for every girl!

I hate dieting, I really hate it. I never tried it actually, I can’t imagine myself preparing low fat meals everyday, I dont even know how to cook!

As Two and Three know, I’m an unemployed lazy 24 years old lady who does nth in life but going to Uni, going out, eating, drinking lots and lots of soda and sleeping. Oh God, this is the best environment for anyone to gain weight in no time. I hate to do any kind of sports, you can hardly walk in our streets, and I love food; meat in specific, and I can never get used to the diet soda’s taste. This is the dilemma I’m facing right now for the first time in my life 😦 . I never thought that a day will come when I will need to do sth to lose weight.

Help! anyone?



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26 07 2007

there’s kind of diet called “atkens diet ” the proteins one, its so nice and it let u eat meat tuna and fish , just stay away form bread and other Nashaweeat

just go google it , and you will know more about it , 🙂

26 07 2007

Hey Qabbani, actually I hate this diet out of all diets 😀 it’s so hard to follow.. Ive never been on diet and I’m 100% sure I won’t b able to start with this one lol.. but thanx for the advice 😀

26 07 2007


why diet? you look great in the self-portrait above!

27 07 2007

You do not need to lose weight, not at all, what you need is to try to become a little bit more active so as not to gain weight on the long run. 😛

The pic is hilarious 🙂

27 07 2007

well u can say that the online diet you can eat Meat in it as u want 😛

27 07 2007

wlek a5 bas mnek ente 😡
mtel ele btt7an may
kam marah 7ketlek sho t3mle w ya one 2ome e3mle sport 2ome emshe wala 7ada hon
bas shatra teje tbke waa3 nse7t 😦

28 07 2007
Abed Hamdan


OMG!!! Atken’s Diet is a very well know diet, which can cause you a heart attack!! It’s very dangerous and unhealthy.


Workout, GYM! do any kind of sport that you enjoy, It will help you live healthier, happier, and probably longer life.

1 08 2007

@ Abed LOOOL , did u read the Research well , its not proved yet it cause that , and its not for all , the ppl who already had a High ” protin o fat in blood” they cant go with it ,

My friend went to DR. and he tells him the whole thing about , its very good for young ppl just not for too long time , 🙂

its unhealthy for 120KG guys and up 😛

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