Perfect vs. Human

15 07 2007




 Brought to you by Three

The thing about hangovers is that not only alcohol causes them but anything in excessive amounts does. I’m suffering from a mental hangover, been thinking a lot recently,  about everything.
A lot of people strive to appear perfect, we all know that the state of perfection cannot be reached by humans but a lot of people try to look perfect. I hate rude careless irresponsible people who say and do things without giving either any prior thought, I can bear having to talk to them for a while because I believe that, even though they get on my nerves big time and even though talking to some of them can be degrading, they are harmless. What  I cannot bear at all are people who think a lot about things and plan every single word they utter beforehand, I just can’t deal with similar people. Those who live by a handbook are almost never real or sincere, they gather a couple of principles that look appealing while applied by others and try to apply them to real life situations, they mostly fail or fail to be convincing.  The reason behind that is mostly fear and no self esteem or confidence, People who feel that they can never be good enough while being themselves, people who feel that they need to look perfect so as to make others like them,  people who believe that they need to be cheerful, happy and funny 24/7, people who keep going on and on about how confident they are, people who end up lonely and friendless, stupid people.

Striving to become a better person is good, suffocating the real you to save yourself the embarrassments you could cause yourself is bad and pathetic.
I love a lot of people, non of them is perfect, if I wanted perfect and planned reactions, words or actions I would’ve befriended a dictionary, but that is not what I want. I’m imperfect, just like everyone out there, I have very bad and annoying habits and traits, but the bad comes with the good, the beautiful with the ugly, if we were to focus on everything that is bad about people we’d end up being  a bunch of lonely cave-people, but we were all born imperfect just like each other, we put up with each other’s bad traits because we love the good ones so very dearly, and with time, what we thought were bad traits become things we cannot live without, things we wouldn’t trade for the whole world.

I’d choose a stupid mansaf-eating, soda –drinking faisali-cheering human over perfect anytime of the day.



4 responses

16 07 2007
Abed Hamdan

loooooooool @ mansaf-eating, soda –drinking faisali-cheering

very well put!! 🙂

16 07 2007

3al basata albasata 😀
lesa ana w angel one kona ne7ke bhalmwdo3 embare7

21 07 2007

Abed: Thanks 🙂

Two: Great minds think alike 😉

26 07 2007

Perfection can b boring! Perfectionists are dull! I agree with u 105.7 % 😛

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