The Truth, Anyone?

12 07 2007

An electronic Saudi newspaper that states that the “scary snake-looking baby” is a real baby whose mother was a drug addict, that the baby is “deformed” because of the mother’s addiction, and that in fact this incident took place in KSA and not Lebanon!

A Doctor says that the baby suffers from a case of ichthyosis fetalis, a rare disease only 100 babies around the world were diagnosed with.

The video is uploaded on Youtube and titled as : Happening in Al Amal hospital, Amman -Jordan. The same video is uploaded on a very popular Jordanian forum, with the video, a disclaimer stating this incident took place in Al Basheer hospital was posted.

This is becoming really confusing, I still insist that what the nurses did was horrible, whether it took place in KSA, Lebanon or Jordan. I just hope it didn’t in fact take place in Jordan, even if the nurses were Jordanian. How can figuring out where this had happened be this hard and confusing, ugh.




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12 07 2007

Isn’t their accent Jordanian?

12 07 2007

Yes it is, that only proves that the nurses themselves are Jordanian, but it doesn’t prove that it took place in Jordan. I don’t know sara7a!

12 07 2007

This is exactly what I hate about internet! news move so fast, in many different ways, with many different stories, and at the end of the road u feel lost and start questioning urself about everything u read,hear, or watch.. never the less, whether this happened in Jordan or Zimbabwi, it has the same crulety and heartless acts! and they call nurses “Mercy Angels” huh angels my #$#$%@#

12 07 2007
Qwaider قويدر

I noticed that too! I posted this on Kinzi’s blog:

If I may, I would like to add couple of things here Kinzi.

First, the baby is not confirmed to be female.

Second, If anyone else paid attention. you will notice that have a shameless example of the way everyone twists the “events” to push their agenda.
The source “claimed” that this is the result of the mother’s drug abuse issues. Others called this god’s wrath, others said they weren’t good to their parents and the last and dumbest group said that this is a baby that came due to an adulterous relationship and this is the result! (its all over a number of forums)

Next, It appears that this incident is few months old (news source says few months and it’s published in June)

Finally, I feel so sorry for the baby and the family. And I hope the lord will grant them patience and help them during these tough times

13 07 2007

One: Yes I agree.

Qwaider: Ameen!

13 07 2007

I hate how this is being twisted, there is one fact that matters, THE NURSES… it doesn’t matter KSA, JORDAN…etc

And again what is the possibility that all nurses are Jordanian in another country, not one is Indian, Philipino…etc I think it should be easy, take the date of the video and check hospital nusres names…. If any hospital has the three thats it, and if only 100 cases happened this should be even easier…

I keep thinking about this video every time I go to sleep… those bi@#$# are unbelievable… I keep thinking what if my baby girl goes to a hospital for a checkup someday… I would never leave her side for a minute…

13 07 2007

I don’t know what to do! If a any god damn journalist just looked into this it would be solved in no time..but JORDAN ughhhhhh.

13 07 2007

M Kilany: Yes it doesn’t matter where it took place, what matters is that it did, if the nurses were punished then this would be a good wake up call for parents-to-be and parents, and a warning for anybody who even thinks of doing such a thing. If the nurses weren’t punished and nobody looked into this issue yet then we’re spreading the word and eventually we’ll figure out what the truth is.

Mohanned: Ditto! I don’t want to be a link in this “twisting facts” chain, but I can’t keep quiet until someone decides to let us in on the WHOLE truth! What I know for a fact is that this video is real and what the nurses did is real as well, that is enough for me!

14 07 2007

Yo Three! 😀 Guess who? Btw I heard that it took place in KSN not Jordan, FALSE NEWS!!:D TC

15 07 2007
Abed Hamdan

I didn’t want to comment on this!

Actually I don’t believe in such incident. and this video (in my opinion) could be totally fraud. (it’s very easy to fabricate such videos).

I don’t know why I find it hard to believe such incidents, but didn’t they mention it on TV or in any trustworthy newspaper ??

15 07 2007

Joe: I heard it took place in Lebanon too!

Abed: Alright.

24 07 2007

Well… If you look up the condition, I asked about it too, you would notice that this is a hereditary condition… mostly results from relative marriage.
I couldn’t find any thing about the relation between this condition and drug abuse… not even a single drug, which totally discredits the info provided by the Saudi online news paper. Again and I’m saddened to say this but the accent of the nurses almost leaves no doubt. And the last thing to mention and again this is also disappointing is that a doctor who worked at Al Basheer hospital said that due to lack of resources the Neonatal ICU there is not equipped with incubators instead it has the regular new baby beds.
I agree with you that I wouldn’t want this to happen in our lovely country but if it truly did, measures should be taken.

31 07 2007

Anything new !?

2 08 2007

Nope ..

18 10 2007

i want to know if the baby is still alive today, if any one knows any thing let me know.

7 11 2007

No she died right away.

22 04 2009
Random T.

My friend on Facebook shared this link and I’m not dissapointed at all that I came to your blog.

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