Mohammed Hassanein Haikal

12 07 2007

Brought to you by One

I was watching this man’s show; Mohammed Hassanein Haikal, on al Jazeera TV just now, I read some articles for him before and I watched a couple of interviews with him. I always knew he is an intelligent arab journalist; but never thought that he is that interesting.

Im not so much into politics but I found myself watching him now, he has a great way in gaining the listeners’ attention, and the most incredible thing about him is that he is over 80! This guy has brains in his head more than I ever did, and more than anyone I know does. His show is a weekly show I guess, every thursday 10pm our time, I strongly recomend watching it.



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12 07 2007

I hate him with a passion, or let me rephrase, I dispise him! He’s a major massee7 joukh and a hypocrite! Yuck!

Welcome back One! 🙂 Hehe.

12 07 2007

Regardless of our personal openions of this man, and regardless of his political point of views! but he is an intellectual 84 years old man who still has the ability to talk and analyze in a way that a 40 years old fellow can’t! I am amazed of his mental abilities mashallah!

13 07 2007

Talk is cheap, and it is extra cheap if the person doing the talking doesn’t believe in what he says. “Regardless of his political views” ? How can I disregard his political views when the only thing he talks and writes about is politics? Allow me to quote from the link you gave us on Haikal: “he is a commentator on Middle East affairs “, enough said.

And by the way, 40 year old fellows are NOT smart 😛 Mish miqyas.

13 07 2007


I dont know much about the man, have only read his book ‘secret channels’ which was very inciteful… what obejctions do you have to the man?

13 07 2007

loolt i think eno b3rfek 😀
to the point arent u?

13 07 2007

loolt: Many objections, I’ll be posting them as a seperate entry soon inshallah =)

14 07 2007

Two: yes!!! not as smart as you though still havent figured out your mahjoob nick 😦

Three: I look forward to it!

6 11 2008
john anderson

I’m not sure why someone would trash-talk Mr. Heikal. I’ve read several of his books on the Middle East and I’m also a devoted follower of each and every lecture of his. The guy knows what he’s talking about. True, he indulges in details at times, but most often he’s on the mark. One can’t determine his intelligence from his lectures, but should be able to use his knowledge as a great summary of what happened over the past 50 years and what to expect in the coming 50. God bless him, his work is nothing short of spectacular!


14 12 2008
Magdi haikal

God ples Mr Haikal
i wish if our lear can hear some of his advice .
he used to say there is always a hope (Basses Amal )
Alla maak
magdi haikal

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