Painful Video of Nurses abusing their positions

10 07 2007

I am disgusted, angry and ashamed. I have no idea where to start, should I start by stating the facts? Posting the video? Or voicing my opinion and request?

People have been talking about a video of a baby girl who was born in a Hospital in Amman – Jordan a while ago. I only saw this video today, it is the most horrible thing I have ever seen in my whole life, it left me speechless, but I feel obliged to share this with you, and so I’m typing this.  

The following is a video of a baby girl who was born with ichthyosis fetalis, a fatal disease 100 kids around the world were diagnosed with.

Disclaimer: Please refrain from watching this if you suffer from health issues or you have a weak heart.


The little baby girl isn’t what is horrible about the video, on the contrary, and regardless of her disease, she looked so angel-like, so weak and helpless. What is horrible about the video are the nurses, who shot the video, and their sick comments. The video shows a nurse holding the baby girl and another nurse checking her out and making sick, savage and disgusting comments, the ****ing nurses even took her diaper off to take a shot of her private areas. :s

The following is what one of the nurses had to say:

“Rajol 2ali!” = “ Robot” Followed by a loud laugh.

“Sawreeha haik, hay soura shakhsiyyeh” =  “A self portrait” Again, followed by a loud laugh.

In no time, the baby girl passed away.

I didn’t know whether I should share the video or not, for the late baby girl’s sake, and for her parents sake, it took me a while to decide that I will post it. Those nurses; Asma and Shifa’a should be taken to court, Al Basheer Hospital should be sued and everybody who works there should rot in prison.

I’m still feeling speechless, I’m not able to express myself for the first time in my life, the video left me in a state of shock, can anybody be this heartless and evil? Ya rabbiiiiii… This shouldn’t go unpunished, it can’t! I will do everything I can to make sure the people in charge, whoever they are, know of this, and so should everyone who reads this, please!  


Asma and Shifa’a:


الله يلعنكم يا بقر يا بهايم 



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10 07 2007

Can I take this video and upload it you tube? I think that this shouldn’t be tolerated and who ever did that must be punished..

God bless her soul..

10 07 2007

I did submit a request for ammonnews to post this vidoe.

10 07 2007

Please anyone who cares spread the message..

10 07 2007

oh my god it is too bad what they have done to the little girl, allah ye5zeehen.

10 07 2007

Yes please do spread the message. Thanks a lot Mohanned!

10 07 2007

MY GOD!!!!!!!!!! I don’t know what to say! I’m really speechless! Nothing can describe what I’m feeling right now!

10 07 2007
Qwaider قويدر

I’m so shocked and appalled by this … It’s just beyond words

First, this is a violation of the human body. To show a child like that. Is a crime. (Seriously)
Second, it’s a violation of the baby’s right. These idiots instead of rendering medical treatment to a child who apparently needed it the most. They were teasing each other and laughing while the child is surrendering it’s soul to the maker.
Seeing that is so disturbing, that I would recommend that you place a very strong disclaimer before people click on the link since the content is extremely graphic

At least this infant didn’t live to see the kind of cruel world these nurses belong to.

10 07 2007

Qwaider: Disclaimer posted.

And I do realize it is a crime, that is why I’m urging people to spread the message. Those sick minded nurses are a threat to every baby at that hospital, they should be reported before they do such a thing again, that is of course if they haven’t already :s

10 07 2007

I left a comment on batir is a journalist who works for al dastour news paper..I hope he will be able to help us..

10 07 2007

Thanks Angels for the post and for Mohannad’s swift reaction. Now this is very delicate moral dilemma.
It is obvious that the nurses have violated a lot of medical ethics and codes, and they should be accountable and punished. However, will this happen through a public spread of this video online or in mainstream media?
My own conviction is that any video or photo taken without the prior informed agrrement of the person should not be put to public. In this case the poor child is helpless and her parents were not asked. The video is the work of two sick nurses who have exposed the painful privacy of this girl.
In our society a public showing of such a video will never accomplish a positive result. people will be more “interested” in the poor child and not the actions of the nurses. People will spread rumors about the girl being cursed, hijacked by evil or maybe God’s punishment to the parent(s). What can be done is pressuring for accountability for the nurses without exposing the child. I am certain her poor parents want this chapter in their lives to end with the minimum pain possible. I will consult my editor in Chief and see what to do.

10 07 2007


“People did spread the video, a lot of people have it on their cell phones, people even started making up stories as to why that baby girl looks like that, some said her father didn’t want any more girls and vowed to burn her alive, others said that her mother always told people that she was pregnant with a snake! But I read that this is a disease, and so, since almost everybody in Jordan has seen the video for purposes of ishba3 fudoulhom, it is time to show this video la sharee7a akbar min il nas who are able to express their disapproval in the hope that the message would be spread and those nurses would get punished. ”

This is a comment I posted in Mohanned’s blog regarding this issue, the video has already spread between university students and so, an ignorant person started the rumor that was previously mentioned and it spread, so this is not only for the sake of the little girl, this is also for the parents’ sake, people are spreading rumors about them, horrible ones, I inserted the scientific explanation as to clarify things. This is also for the sake of babies that are born in Al Bashee hospital. I still believe this video should stay, with the clarification. Thanks a lot for your interest and quick response.

10 07 2007

allah ya5dhom bas
3anjad samole badne
wa7de btd7ak w altanyeh 3am t3red jesem altefleh
mla2ket alra7meh 2al
hadol ma lazem ynskat 3lehom!!!
al clip entshar bkol jordan w 3’er ald3ayat alsa7’efe ele alnas 3am etl3ha
2al abo altfeleh 7alaf 3ala marto eno y7re2 almwlodeh law ejat benet(t2olo btjebhom mn beat ahlha ma hyeh) w al em bt2ol llnas eno almwlod ele feha 7ayeh :S


11 07 2007

I could not imagine that the video is this graphic !! OMG are these nurses human ?!

If any one here is a lawyer or know one, can anyone sue these animals ? or can only the parents of the baby do that ? I wish we can do something besides just talk about how bad this is.

11 07 2007

This is the most upsetting movie I have ever seen in my life… The nurses should be ….. don’t know….. anything you do to these creatures is not enough…

Poor baby, allah yer7amek…

11 07 2007

Angel, I spoke with a department head at Al-Bashir this morning and he is looking into it too. He thinks it was another hospital. (I did post about it, but am too busy to link right now!)

11 07 2007
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11 07 2007
Qwaider قويدر

I went over this one more time. After I calmed down a little bit…
I don’t know if I’m mad at fate or at the nurses more. It’s like. This baby’s life is almost over, in the most horrific, painful, sad way. While these people in the medical field are kind of “cold” which is what the system trains them to be. For years!
So they come across a case of “ichthyosis fetalis” which is so rare, only 100 are reported world wide. And they just don’t know what to do. They want to document the find, and that they were close to such a case. And in the middle of all of it. They make fun of the poor baby.

Had this baby been healthy, we would probably not even given this a second of thought. Even if the baby was exposed like that

What I’m trying to say is that I feel that we’re mixing the strong emotions of sympathy for the child’s condition with the feelings of disgust and contempt for the nurses. Which is causing the later to be amplified beyond it’s original size.

Things to identify:
1) The place [This could be in any hospital in Jordan]
2) The Date/Time [This could have happened yesterday, or a year ago]
3) Who was holding the child?, who was photographing the child?, who was making the jokes?

11 07 2007

this is was discussed on al-wakeel’s show over 2 months ago by the way, and I guess the nurses were jailed

11 07 2007

* the nurses should be jailed for that … sorry, i meant my opinion by that, I dunno if they were jailed or not , yet!

11 07 2007

Kinzi : Thanks for your efforts, please fill us in on the updates and whether the information I mentioned is 100% accurate or not.

Qwaider: Hmmm, lets say a teenager strangled a middle aged man, would her act get the same reaction if she strangled a new born baby? What does the latter have to do with this issue, well, because the baby is a special case, because she needed extra care and help, and because her parents’ emotional and mental situation must’ve been really hard, all of the mentioned reasons make abusing that little girl even more horrible. Would you let it pass if faradan your wife gave birth to a healthy beautiful baby, w you found out that the nurses video taped your baby, stretched her hands, legs, took off her diaper to take a shot of her private areas and made sick comments about her? I do not think so! I wouldn’t let it pass!!

Nasim: Are you sure?! I only heard about this recently, just this week three of my friends told me about the video, so I don’t really know.

11 07 2007

Oh and Tamara, I study law, but I won’t post mawqef il qanoun il ordoni in such a situation until I make sure of it, soon inshallah!

11 07 2007

At least we can all take solace in knowing that the baby is an angel now and that those nurses will rot in hell!

11 07 2007

Well actually, the baby might not be dead. Babies with harlequin type ichthyosis can live to reach adolescence or even adulthood.

However, I find the name of the disease so detestable …. A harlequin is a clown!

11 07 2007

Yes Who sane, I read that also, I didn’t diagnose the disease I just read a doctor’s diagnose of the baby’s situation on a forum, they mentioned that she died there, people who told me about the video also stated that the baby had passed away. We have no credible source of information up until this moment, the only certain thing I have is the video, everything else could be proven otherwise with time.

11 07 2007
Qwaider قويدر

The issue is not about my position from the whole matter. I stated what I felt (in an emotional explosion) in my first comment.
Reflecting this on me, is not going to make me more emotional than that. What I’m trying to say is that, we are shocked because of the condition of the baby (the gender is unconfirmed by the way) this horrible feeling you got was because of her condition NOT because they made the remarks or anything. But when they made the remarks the anger is amplified and causes us to feel hate towards them.

Yes, they did a bad thing. Yes they shouldn’t have. And YES they should get what they deserve for that. I’m completely in agreement with that. And I wouldn’t say “let it pass”. I was merely reflecting on my own initial outrage.

12 07 2007

This is a shame. I am ashamed to say that I’m in healthcare. It should be relatively easy for the authorities to figure out which hospital/unit the baby was in. And one of the nurses’ first name is ASMA, it doesn’t need the FBI to figure it out.

12 07 2007
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12 07 2007

aside from baby’s condition, and since nurses filmed the baby, without her parents’ consent, i assume, then it is outragous voilation of her human right.

things need to be done regarding this issue, and had this happens in the states, those ppl along with hospital would be easily sued for millions of dollars…but human’s life is not that valuable after all…as i can see…
which reminded me of an incident i read about like weeks ago, when two teachers tied a 6 yrs old school girl to the windows bars and started punishing her, dunno how…then a guy from the street filmed the incident….now, had i been the parent for that girl…i might have toren those teachers each apart…
may allah have mercy on us….

12 07 2007

Qwaider, I wasn’t reflecting anything on you to make you more emotional, first off because emotional is not what we need, what we need is someone who can think rationally and thus reach rational solutions as to how we can avoid similar inhuman actions in the future, and secondly because, to me, it’s enough that I feel strongly about this issue, the rest of the world doesn’t have to share my same point of view regarding this.

This is what you said :

“Had this baby been healthy, we would probably not even given this a second of thought. Even if the baby was exposed like that”

And so I rephrased your sentence and directed it to you in the form of a question. That’s all 🙂

Mona: Exactly!!

Afaf: True, but up until this moment I didn’t find anything in our criminal law that incriminates this! Maybe an expert in law can!

12 07 2007

Oh God! Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!
ya rab ya rab ya rab ya rab ya rab her soul is in Heaven now!! ya rab!!

15 07 2007


I still can’t believe what I saw !! I am disguised from their actions and their laughs OMG poor girl !! these nurses r heartless for sure !!! and they should be punished !!

23 07 2007

You know I have never been touched by something as I’ve been with this undescribable act.
Having lost a baby myself, it is just very agonizing to see this.
I lost my baby in the States, he was born sleeping, the nurses there when he was born treated him with so much dignity, they bathed him wrapped him with blankets, they even asked me if I wanted him to be dressed, some of them cried with me.
The thing that I can’t get out of my mind, is the baby’s cries, who on earth gave them the right to touch her, to hurt her, to abuse her!!
The thing is these nurses should be dismissed from their jobs immediately. They should be disqualified as nurses… For me I don’t even consider them humans, but that’s just me, the parents of this angel should be contacted and asked if they want to file a law suit, but knowing how hard it is I would tell you I’m almost sure that they want to be left alone to grief.
There is another thing you need to address here, which is how this little angel’s condition was misused.
The first time I saw the clip it was claimed that the mother was taking drugs during pregnancy and this was what caused it. No noble cause should be addressed with lies!! never!!
The next time I googled this, and sometimes the degree of ignorance in some people is just amazing, it gave me this result: The story claims that the mother had 4 girls so when she got pregnant and they told her the baby is a girl, whenever she was asked about what she’s having she would say “spotted snake” and that’s how the baby was born deformed.
isn’t this just stupid lies?!!

I’m willing to do anything that may help bringing justice to this baby. whom I don’t know her name, and I so wish I can. Please tell me if I can do anything

29 07 2007
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13 12 2008


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