To talk or not to talk

30 06 2007

Brought to you by Three.

Sounding not-so-fake while talking is a skill, you’re either born with it or you develop it through the years, I urge those who were neither born with it nor developed it through the years to go Pee whenever they have the urge to talk. Get it out of your system and all the way to the gutter, cockroaches care.



3 responses

7 07 2007

well recently sounding not – so -fake when talking is what life has become , life is about connections and dealing with ppl , if u like them or not should not be an object , lol but from the “pee” thing u seem like your talking to someone who sounds real fake and annoyed you

7 07 2007

Of course, if we only spoke to people we liked we’d end up with two numbers on our phonebooks, our parents’ numbers. 😛

17 07 2012

Am greatly inspired by this blog. God bless the owner of this blog

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