The art of regretting the past

13 06 2007

Brought to you by Three

So nerds wish they had more fun back at school, unemployed good looking people who didn’t make it through High school wish they had spent more time studying and less time partying and being the annoying trouble makers they are, and finally there are those who weren’t nerds nor trouble makers back at school, those who didn’t exactly enjoy school days to the max nor do they have a job with a great pay that compensates for all the times they didn’t party along with the others, those who do not know where it all went wrong and so do not know what exactly to wish for or regret. 

Well, apparently everything comes with a price tag, no matter what the choices we make are, later on we’ll be wondering what if we chose a different path, so you have a choice; you can live your life just for the sake of passing days and time and end up landing an average job with an average pay, an average car, average house, average life and no “What if’s” .  Sounds nice, right? A life with no regrets? Stability? Well not really, the “No what if”s” part is caused by the fact that you didn’t choose a thing, a path! You laid back and let other people steer the wheal for you, you didn’t LIVE your life, there’s nothing in it that you can call your own, because you welcomed anything life threw at you with open arms, you didn’t fight for what you want, or in some cases what you did not want. You were the average employee in the average cubicle signing average papers for a couple who wanted to buy some stocks, so after you’re done signing the papers you go back to your average cubicle doing your average paperwork while the couple who just bought stocks had the price of their stocks triple and flew to Hawaii to celebrate that, or, worst case scenario? The prices of their stocks didn’t triple, they reached half the original price, they lost some money and the couple realized they should be more careful with their money because their life savings –That are supposed to pay for their children’s tuition fees- are not to be messed with!

What did you “The average person” lose? Nothing, but the more important question is, what did you gain from the experiences you’ve been through?! And the answer is also nothing, so your day can perhaps be summed up in a word that spells: N-O-T-H-I-N-G.
Okey I realize it’s just one day and that life isn’t a Hollywood movie where everyday there is action, so let’s sum up your life experiences this time, the losses and gains, in four words? Yeah four words seems fair, so let’s see how this spells:

N-O-T   A   S-I-N-G-L-E   T-H-I-N-G.

The only time we REALLY examine our options is when they are out of our reach, that is human nature, so unless you’re planning on having the same mindset three billion years from now you’ll have to surrender to the fact that there is no perfect choice, the bad comes with the good, and what seems like an excellent choice now might seem like a stupid one twenty years later. You’ll change as time goes by, and so will the way you view things. If something feels right then go for it, avoiding to make decisions will not save you future regrets, it’ll cause you to miss out on things you want with all your heart or lessons you might need to learn on your own.

To hell with average things, go for what you want, if you reach your goal please mention that I inspired you when you go on OPRAH Winfrey’s show, and if you don’t, at least you’ll have something to blog about!



2 responses

18 06 2007

couldn’t agree more … well said! 🙂

30 06 2007

Thanks 🙂

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