11 06 2007

EDIT: Brought to you by One

“A series of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations occurring involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep.”

Dreams are things I can never understand! I am someone who has around 5-6 dreams every night! I dream of trips, wars, fights, school, friends, science fiction; actually anything anyone can think of! If I had enough money I would’ve produced hundreds of movies based on my crazy dreams; and Im sure I would’ve made lots of money out of it. It seems that all my creativity lays in my dreams.

About six weeks ago I had one of my weirdest dreams, it didnt have anything special in its events; but the strange thing about this dream is the person I dreamed of, who was someone I didnt know personally. I never talked to him or even noticed him before that dream (though we became good friends later). He was just a face for me; a face that I see once a week in one of my lectures!

What I know is that our dreams reflect our thoughts and feelings, but recently I discovered that its not true. I think that dreams are just a set of images you see through out the day, that are translated by your mind at night in different ways, and different shapes, but it doesnt necceserly mean or indicate anything.

Bottom line: I don’t believe in analyzing dreams and connecting it to life events. Dreams are just Dreams!



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11 06 2007

a7’eran msh 3am sade2 3yone 😀
ana w Three bn7lam a7lam 3’er shekel w kol al a7lam btkon 3ana al 3 😀
bas kteeer marat b7lam ashya2 btt72a2 bas bykon elha m3na mo3yan w fe3lan byser
loool bas jad sodfeh 7elwe l2ne mtel ma 7ketlek 7lemt feke w bljama3a 😀
ya allah mare2 hal month bsor3a 😛

11 06 2007

hey nice blog by the way 🙂

Dream or daydream , things u dream about by your own is something different . u want it , like to do it u go crazy up down as u want , all u need is to focus in in the subject deeply and u get a dream …

but dream that come form your soul is something in many cases, you cant ignore it is a sing , hint , or even i guide ..

dreams = FREEDOM of mind

nice post

12 06 2007

Two: yeah I know about ur dreams lol, it was really strange how u came telling me that u dreamed about me at the same time I posted this 😀 still, I dont believe in dreams!

Qabbani: I am talking about night dreams, and seriously I cant take dreams as signs! it doesnt make any sense! thank u for passing by 🙂

12 06 2007
Abed Hamdan

I was confused about the dreams, until i reached the age of 15. I stumbled upon a book called:

الروح – ابن القيم الجوزية

There, I found the answers of almost everything from a reliable Islamic point of view.

If you have established a strong Islamic foundation where you can trust what you can’t see through the Islamic reasoning, then go for this book 🙂

13 06 2007

You’re TOO realistic, this is where we differ; I’m a superstitious person, everything is a sign to me and I analyze everything (I know both of you already know that 😛 ) But taking all of my decisions on my own gets tiring and confusing, so if anything goes wrong I can always blame it on fate. 😐

13 06 2007
Abed Hamdan


Here I will disappoint you 🙂 That book is anything but realistic! Hadn’t I believed in Islam I would’ve said it’s a perfect myth!! This is why I said you must have a strong belief before reading it, because It’s too hard to believe yet it’s close to the heart!

It talks about the souls of the dead and the souls of the alive, how they wander the world, how they meet and travel across the space-time (just as Einstein tried to explain the space-time, It’s already explained) . It’s a master piece, and It will tell you how the dreams came to the mind, how they could interact with the future, and how the devil might interrupt.

Read it, It will take you to another time and place, yet It’s reliable, very reliable 🙂

When I read it, I could relate to it. For example, It tells you how your soul leaves your body when you sleep, and how it’s still attached to your body , and It falls back when you wake up.

If you are truly superstitious and you believe in dreams, then this book is for you. But again, to believe it you have to believe in Islam – which is not an easy task for hearts (and brains).

Dreams is a very complicated issue, there is this psychological explanation by Frued, but I didn’t find it interesting. Nobody could fully explain the dilemma of dreams.

13 06 2007

Abed, my reply was directed at One 😳 She’s too realistic, not you.

Anyway, the book sounds interesting, I’ll make sure I read it sometime 😛

13 06 2007
Abed Hamdan

loool, o ana m’3alleb 7aali bl reply

delete it 😛

22 07 2007
tod mako

we difffer very much u and me! i beleive in all that superstitioon to an extent. Anyhow, i love reading about other peoipples dreams! Thanks! 🙂

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