Red Red Red!

9 06 2007

 Brought to you by Two.

I’m in love with everything in red!

I even bought a red pair of shoes (oh I have two pairs now 😀 )

A lot of people told me to color my hair red but naaah my mom will kill me LOL!

What do you think girls? Should I go for it?



4 responses

9 06 2007

I love love love red!! My mom keeps making fun of my red Ballerina shoes, she says they make me look like Alice in wonderland, anyway, this Italic font is killing me 😐 It hurts my eyes Two 😐

And no, do not go for red!! Ma sadda2et w sha3rek ye’3ma2! Please don’t! 😦

9 06 2007
Abed Hamdan

If I were your mom, I’d allow you to dye your hair red 😛

(ka2enni da5el bl ‘3alat.. )

12 06 2007

I adore red 😀 Three you should write that in our about page lol
and Two I would help your mom killing you if you changed your hair color to red 😛

18 12 2011

red handbags red accessories are my all time favorite….i love red TOO!

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