And It Begins

7 06 2007


 Brought to you by Three,

Sometimes it takes an unfortunate occuring to realise how lucky you’ve been, a farewell to realize how much a certain person means or used to mean to you and a bunch of back-stabbing hypocrites to figure out who your true friends are. I never needed any of the above to realize how lucky I am for having a couple of true friends I cherish more than anything, this is a toast for the beginning of our first mutual project together, a toast of our friendship that has stood in the face of everything for over a year.

Cheers girls!



4 responses

7 06 2007
Abed Hamdan

sho toast haai :ag:

toast bedoon alcohol tab3an :ag:

8 06 2007

finally 😀
yay yay 😎
walah kouki true
al7amdollah 3ala kol she w no matter what happend
3oglas angels for life 😈

8 06 2007

ya 7bibi ya 3ogla! hahahaha wallah hal 3ogla enno the luckiest man alive 😀

9 06 2007

Note: I’m only commenting because my comment will be highlighted in green, to rub it in your faces, I posted the first post here 😎

And apparently I’ll be the only one posting here 😀

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